Pre-Martial Coaching

Pre-Marital Coaching

Pre-Marital Coaching is offered either as individual visits or the couple may choose to begin with a 2.5 hour workshop and proceed as needed. This coaching is specifically designed with the newly engaged couple in mind and takes into consideration the many aspects of marriage they will likely navigate. The couple will have the opportunity to learn more about one another in the important areas of their relationship, such as: communication styles, conflict resolution, dealing with hurt and disappointment, creating a shared rhythm of life and schedules, blending families (holidays, traditions, in-laws), managing finances, exploring your primary love languages, establishing a shared vision for your marriage built around core values, and more.

Pre-Marital Coaching is an excellent platform towards building a lasting marriage and to begin growing together to form a strong and fulfilling relationship. Wise couples will take this opportunity to be intentional about starting off on solid ground rather than wait until problems creep in to the marriage and they find themselves frustrated and feeling hopeless.