Relationship Coaching

Couples/Relationship Coaching

As a couple you come together for relationship coaching sessions that address the areas of your relationship you desire to improve, change or discover.  We agree on goals, vision, and needs as a couple.  A specific plan with intentional action is put in place to achieve the relationship you long to have together.

Some of the more common themes in Couples Coaching are: Improving Communication, Cultivating greater intimacy, Building Trust, Conflict Resolution Styles, Developing Companionship, Creating a shared rhythm of life, Understanding and Agreeing on Roles & Responsibilities, Building shared values and priorities, Organizing a family schedule, Parenting Strategies, Understanding one another’s love language…and more.

Email support and phone support is provided between sessions.

Contact Lisa at (847) 715-6134 for more information on Couples Coaching and how this may assist you and your relationship.